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Thursday 7 August 2014
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Thursday 10 July 2014
We used to need a publishing partner or a partner with a platform (a record label, a media company…) to get the word out; now, in many cases, this adds time and hassle without creating sufficient benefit.
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Friday 6 June 2014

Morning Check-up for Artists

Morning Check-up for Artists

Laura Lis Scott:

Time to close the browser.

Originally posted on chrismcmullen:


Imagination On. Check.

Motivation On. Check.

Quiet On. Check.

Distractions Off. Check.

Comfort Zone On. Check.

Eyes Ready. Check.

Mind Open. Check.

It’s a go.

Take a deep breath.

Creativity blasting off in 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0.

Let those creative juices flow.

Copyright © 2014 Chris McMullen

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Thursday 29 May 2014

Comic with some context.


By rasenth:

"I felt so angry at the UCSB massacre (an article about this incident and a script of his video’s speech) and the sexism we’re blind to everyday so I drew about my opinions on sexism to channel my rage.

I’m very happy the #YesAllWomen tag is going strong on U.S. Twitter right now. :D ” - rasenth

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Friday 16 May 2014

Facebook will remind you how fucked up you are and also try to make money off of it.

Facebook will remind you how fucked up you are and also try to make money off of it.

Laura Lis Scott:

Because Facebook wants you to be dysfunctional.

Originally posted on The Bloggess:

I was just on Facebook , and this popped up in my feed as something suggested for me personally :


And first of all, it’s disconcerting when you get targeted advertising for half a dead squirrel, and it’s not even the good half.   Why send me this ad?  It’s as if Facebook said, “Hey, we saw…

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Thursday 15 May 2014

Piggies for tomorrow

"…And then I open a tab to Facebook…which does not allow piggies, where content floats by like cottonwood puffs on the wind and I watch it flit this way and that and say, “Oh, that’s pretty!” and then it’s gone, and I’m not supposed to remember, I’m not supposed to save these puffs, because there are more puffs, new puffs and old puffs that whirled around, and I must now see those…."

(Source: rarepattern.com)

Wednesday 30 April 2014
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Bad books on writing tell you to ‘WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW’, a solemn and totally false adage that is the reason there exist so many mediocre novels about English professors contemplating adultery.
— Joe Haldeman (via thegodawfulgatsby)

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Here’s a reading (MP3) of a my latest Guardian column, Internet service providers charging for premium access hold us all to ransom, which tries to make sense of the disastrous news that the Federal Communications Commission is contemplating rules to allow ISPs to demand bribes from publishers in exchange for letting you see the webpages you ask for.

There’s a useful analogy to the phone company that I’ve written about here before: you pay for your phone service every month. The pizza place on the corner also pays for its phone service every month. When you want to order a pizza from Joe’s Corner Pizzeria, you call their number. If their phone isn’t engaged, it rings and you get to place your order. If they get more orders than they can handle on one line, they buy a second line, a third, even 10 lines to take their orders. Provided one of those lines is free, your call goes through to someone when you ring.

But what if your phone company decided that the way to bring in higher profits was to go around to all the pizza places and shake them down for “premium” access to “their” customers? If Joe’s Corner Pizzeria turned them down, your call to Joe’s might get a busy signal, even if there were plenty of free lines at Joe’s place. Meanwhile, an order to the monied, tasteless sultan of global cardboard pizza-ite, that is, the company who has plenty of money for “premium” access – is easy to reach, because your phone company has promised them that every call will be put through.

The thing is, Joe’s is paying for its lines. You’re paying for your line. The phone company exists solely to connect people to the numbers they dial. But because there are “natural monopolies” in phone service (because there are only so many mobile frequencies and underground cable space), they can abuse their position to extort additional payments from the services you want to talk to. And the more popular a service is, the better it is, the more the ISP stands to profit from this racket.

Mastering by John Taylor Williams: wryneckstudio@gmail.com

John Taylor Williams is a audiovisual and multimedia producer based in Washington, DC and the co-host of the Living Proof Brew Cast. Hear him wax poetic over a pint or two of beer by visiting livingproofbrewcast.com. In his free time he makes “Beer Jewelry” and “Odd Musical Furniture.” He often “meditates while reading cookbooks.”


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Monday 14 April 2014

K is for Keyboard


Regular keyboards give me a pain — a pain in the wrist, specifically.

I tried a number of keyboards.

Kinesis keyboard photo

The Kinesis Advantage is one of the most radical ergonomic keyboards out there. With scooped-out keyboard forms, it’s designed to conform to typical finger paths, not conventional keyboard grids. However, there’s a very steep learning curve. I didn’t care for it, though, because of the rather long…

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Wednesday 9 April 2014

H is for Ho Ho Ho Hee Hee Hee Ha Ha Ha

HIt’s one thing to know formal English, but this is not all that’s required for the subtleties of communication. Consider these monosyllabic grunts—and their variants—that begin with H:

  • Ha! (That’s funny!)
  • Ha! (I don’t believe you.)
  • Ha! (Go away, critter!)
  • Aha! (I see!)
  • Ha–ha! (That’s very funny!)
  • Ha–ha! (That is not funny.)
  • He… (Who?)
  • He (Helium)
  • HECKa–BBBBBB! (I’m making a hip TV reference you…

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Monday 7 April 2014

F is for Fear

FI confess! I have many fears: fear of death; fear of illness; fear of embarrassing myself; fear of letting people down; fear of heights; fear of spiders; fear of being stupid; fear of intimacy; fear of ending up alone; fear of the dark; fear of food poisoning; fear of ridicule; fear of failing….

They’re all irrational, and many are contradictory. That’s the nature of fear. It fucks with you. It…

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Sunday 6 April 2014

E is for Education

E“The problem with the School of Hard Knocks,” they say, “is that the final exam comes first, and then the lesson comes after.”

I am a student of this school. No, don’t ask for an ID card. No cards are necessary in this school. We enroll ourselves, and if we flunk, that’s on us.

How do you flunk? You fail to learn the lesson. What about the exam, you ask? That doesn’t matter. Almost everyone fails…

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